Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Academic Enrichment

Tutoring - Math fact and reading fluency

     -Subject-specific one-to-one

  • Adopt- A- Night

A church or organization provides a meal for 70 students and staff, monthly.

  • Hands-on Training Center (HOTC)

We anticipate introducing our students to carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, drywall installation, painting, and basic car maintenance this year.

  • School Program

POINT Staff and volunteers assist the school staff in the Octorara and Coatesville Area Schools with hallway monitoring and lunch/recess time.

  • Crown Financial

This program is designed as an outreach to individuals in marginalized communities to transform and restore their hearts for God.

  • E-Sports

Our E-Sports room offers students a diverse selection of video games and systems to enjoy.

  • BOYS'/GIRLS' Nights

We host monthly events during the school year with food, fun, fellowship, and a gospel message. This is our most popular event attracting 90-100 kids on average.

  • Evening Program

The program starts at 3:30 PM and ends at 7:00 PM, during which students participate in various activities such as basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, art, games, and crafts. Along with these activities, students get to hear a gospel message and build meaningful relationships with staff and volunteers. The program wraps up with dinner, providing students with a fun, enriching, and healthy after-school experience.

     Mondays/Wednesdays- 6th through 12th grade

     Tuesdays/Thursdays- 2nd through 5th grade

  • Sports/Recreation

Sports tournaments are held on weekends with a gospel message presented at half-time. Up to 500 participants and spectators attend.

  • Administrative Support

There are always tasks such as filing, organizing, and stuffing envelopes that need to be done.

  • MOMS' Club/ KIDS' Club

Our group of young mothers meets weekly to share a meal and provide support and encouragement through discussions and games.

Our staff takes care of the children while their moms meet, making it a highlight of our week!