Academic Enrichment


The Academic Enrichment Program at The POINT connects students to the support and resources needed to stay in school, improve grades, graduate on time and set goals for post-secondary education.

The Program is available to students from 4-6 PM during the school year, Monday-Thursday. During this time students have the opportunity to complete homework assignments, work one-on-one with a tutor, and utilize our computers to work on school related projects or access programs like Khan Academy, ReadWorks and CoolMath to strengthen their skills in math and reading. Our weekly cooking class provides the fun of cooking and eating with the life skills necessary for serving and displaying good manners at a family or restaurant table.

High School students receive assistance with college and job applications and are given  opportunities to work with Mentors and attend career readiness workshops and college tours. Through partnerships with Cairn University, Delaware County Community College and Eastern University, our graduating seniors are eligible to apply for scholarships to help finance their post-secondary education.


The Point’s Summer Enrichment Program adds field trips and science and art projects to a program of Summer Reading and math to help our students complete their School’s Summer Reading requirements and keep their math skills sharp through the summer.