Hands On Training

THE POINT’s Hands-On-Training Program is designed to give students an opportunity to learn how to use their minds and hands to make, repair, build and maintain their homes and vehicles and to expose them to employment opportunities in service trades and/or construction. The classes are designed for students (boys and girls) from 5th through 12th grade and designed to grow competencies, build confidence, and establish career readiness. Every class will teach the students to properly handle the tools and safety equipment required to perform the work in that area.  The students will also learn how to understand and perform the math and science needed to make their projects come together.  The following are some of the current classes being provided at The Hands-On-Training Center:

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

RC Car Assembly and Repair

Electrical Construction


Furniture Repair

Home Maintenance & Repair

Hands On Training 2

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the Hands-On-Training Program, please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Erin Bowman, at erin@parkesburgpoint.com.