About Us

THE POINT plays a crucial role in assisting the most vulnerable youth within our community during the critical hours after school, in the evening, and in summer hours. Our outreach extends to more than 650 students each year, spanning grades 2 through 12. Most POINT students come from single-parent households, with 90% living below Chester County's poverty threshold. Many have faced hardships such as homelessness, transient living conditions, exposure to parental addiction, mental or physical abuse, persistent hunger, and academic challenges. Consequently, POINT students face an elevated risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system, grappling with physical or mental health issues, susceptibility to substance abuse, and struggling with school attendance and academic performance.


At THE POINT, we are committed to eradicating the adverse outcomes faced by vulnerable youth. THE POINT provides a safe space that nurtures personal growth, resilience, and success. Our programs offer academic support, mentorship, and activities that empower students to break free from the cycle of negative circumstances. By fostering a sense of belonging, building life skills, and instilling hope, we aim to equip our students with the tools they need to overcome challenges, excel academically, and lead victorious lives. Through collaboration with the community, families, and dedicated professionals, we strive to replace vulnerability with strength and pave the way for a brighter future for all our students.