About Us

The POINT serves the most vulnerable youth in our community. We currently serve over 400 students annually between the ages of 8-18. The majority of THE POINT students come from single-parent households, 90% live below the poverty level for Chester County and many have experienced homelessness, transient housing conditions, parents addicted to drugs/alcohol, mental or physical abuse, hunger, and are struggling or failing academically. Consequently, The POINT’s students have an increased risk for involvement with the juvenile system, mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse and skipping or dropping out of school. The POINT seeks to prevent these outcomes through our afterschool and evening programs.


The POINT seeks to eradicate these outcomes by providing the support and resources needed to address the academic, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of our students during the critical after-school and evening hours. Each of our programs incorporate the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets. The Search Institute is the leading global innovator of youth development, which identifies eight (8) categories of External Assets and Internal Assets necessary to build a foundation for the healthy development of youth:

1.) Support
2.) Empowerment
3.) Boundaries and Expectations
4.) Constructive Use of Time
5.) Commitment to Learning
6.) Positive Values
7.) Social Competencies
8.) Positive Identities

Assets 1-4 are “External”, and are provided daily by the staff and volunteers at the Point. Assets 5-8 are “Internal” and are taught at the Point through words and actions.


Based on these principles, THE POINT is a place where everyone in the community can transcend their differences and work together to accomplish what very few can accomplish on their own.