The Parkesburg POINT Youth Center
Coronavirus Response

The Parkesburg POINT Youth Center staff have been monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus outbreak by listening to webinars, conference calls, CDC and CCHD websites.  Based on the current information, we have developed the following action plan:

  • We have adopted the recommended CDC disinfection products and procedures for all touch zones, equipment and furnishings that our students, staff, and volunteers use. 
  • We are following the Octorara School District policy for facility closures.
  • If any of our students or their families come in contact with anyone exposed to the Coronavirus, we will close.
  • We have canceled all use of our facilities by outside organizations until further notice.
  • We are also recommending that any of our volunteers that feel in danger of exposure by serving, please feel free to not come.
  • We are asking all our students, staff and volunteers to stay home if they are sick. 
  • We have posted signage at our entrances, regarding Coronavirus symptoms and precautions, as well as Hand Washing signs in our restrooms.

Please know that the health and safety of our students, volunteers and staff are extremely important to us.  We will keep you informed of any changes to our plans or operating status. For questions email: Click Here.


Bud Herman

Director of Operations

Parkesburg Point Youth Center